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In the midst of 100 acres of forest, Le Château de Séréville welcomes you just an hour away south of Paris.

The  property has its own natural spring with wells and 2 ponds which surround islands and that can be reached by paddle boat.
Take the opportunity to wander quietly through the woods along the many paths and maybe comme across roe-deer, wild hare or herons.
Just above the ponds, stands the farm just as it was in the beginning. Close to the gate of the pasture, a well provides the water for the animals and adjacent to the farm is a small organic garden which provides part of the food for the hens & for the miniature goats.

   In between walks, the reading rooms as well as the music room are open. The art books are in the main "Salon".
You may also wish to taste the local honey with tea served on the south terrace overlooking the pond.

Le Château de Séréville is situated south of Fontainebleau, close to many other major tourisitic sites of Burgundy.
Take time to roam through the local markets and have a taste of the region.
The area is also particularily rich in castles, archeological sites, museums, medieval villages, gardens & farms.
You may also want to visit the wonderful vineyards & wineries of Chablis or rent a river boat
For sports, there are two golf courses closeby as well as many possibilities for other activities.
WEDDING ISSUE IN FRANCE CHÂTEAU IN BURGUNDY chateau castle rent france burgundy b and b






in the next village, Saint Valérien, 1,5 km

    1 doctor, a drugstore (pharmacie), 1 vétérinaire (for animals), 1 rescue center with 

         firemen, 1 police center,  

    1 post office, 2 banks,     

    2 supermarkets, 2 bakeries, 1 butcher,  a street  market on saturdays, 1 restaurant , 

    1 pizzeria, 2 cafés, 1 tobacco and newspapers shop, 

    2 hairdressers, 1 flower shop,

    2 real estate agencies, 1 church , 

    2 garages, plus 1 for garden stuff, 1 filling station, 1 driving shool! 


in another next  village 7 km, Chéroy

    a bigger supermarket; and 1 selling stuff for fixing the house:  electricity, tools, 

    heating stuff  etc...


in the next city  Sens  (100 000 inhabitants)  15 km 10 mn

    a huge and very old Cathedral ,  a museum, cinemas, theater, old streets with shops, 

        restaurants, various supermarkets of different sorts

    a train station  direct trains every hour at least to Paris Gare de Lyon ; it takes 55 mn ;  

        a TGV or 2 each week to French Riviera




ACTIVITIES and sight seeing spots in the area 



. horse riding (and promenade en calèche) in several villages nearby (5 mn)


. cave (wine cellar)  for tasting wines au Château des Condé  (10 mn)


. swimming pools:   2 in Sens (15 mn) and one in Courtenay (15 mn)


. house boats on river Yonne


. medieval village and cities

      Sens  15 mn                 

      Noyers  sur Serein  50 mn

      Auxerre  50 mn           

      Troyes  50 mn             


. medieval castle under construction of Guédelon  50 mn 



. wine area of Chablis  50 mn  


   Visite de vignes et caves: Chablis_Vititours-Chablis_Yonne_Burgundy.html 


. Vézelay cathedral and village   90 mn


. Château de Fontainebleau   50 mn


. Château de Vaux le Vicomte  50 mn


. Luxurious spa at La Côte Saint Jacques, Joigny  30 mn  



. Loire valley castles   170 km  by motorway all the way